About Dan

How's it going.  
In short, I am a 20 year old adventure photographer from Scotland, who has started talking to his camera a lot. 







One of the main questions I'm asked is how I got started with all of this photography stuff. To be honest, as I sit here trying to type this, I'm still not exactly sure how this all started. When I was younger, I had no time for all this nature stuff and I used to shrink at the thought of hiking. Nevertheless, my parents managed to drag me up a fair few hills growing up.

Starting university in Glasgow was a big turning point for me. The Scottish Highlands provided a great escape from the constant noise of the city. There is something exciting about being in a place that not many people go. (As long as you haven't ran out of food) 

As my following started to grow on Instagram and Facebook, I decided to reach out to brands. This involved sending a lot of emails to any brand that was interested. To see some of my collaborations with brands, click the link here.

Here is a question and answer video which explains a bit more about what kit I bring when Wild Camping:

If you have any questions about absolutely anything, fire me a message on Instagram or Facebook. If you're not into all that social media stuff, my email is danielrpbell@outlook.com 

I'm thinking about making another one of these Q and A videos, so the more whacky the question, the better. :)

Frequently Asked Questions

What camera do you use?

Canon 70d

What lenses do you use?

  • 10-18mm lens by Canon (My favourite)
  • 18-55mm lens by Canon 
  • 75-300mm lens by Canon (It's a bit like a sniper scope from James Bond Nightfire)

What other equipment do you use? 

What are you're favourite books? 

My hard drive just crashed and I've lost all my data and photos. Totally panicking now because I don't have a backup, what do I do?

Ouchhh, we've all been there. Fortunately, I know the wizard of the data recovery world. His name is Andy Watson, here is a link to his website: http://www.datarecovery.co.uk

I've always wanted a longboard made out of whisky barrels, what do I do?

Check out my mate Neil Mckinlay's work. He makes a lot of cool stuff out of wood: 


That's all for now folks, if you've made it this far then hats off to you! :)

'It always seems impossible until it's done' - Nelson Mandela

Dan - 21/04/2017